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Advertise your web site!
You get ads for your website for running ads on yours. You will also be linked on the Internet Money Forum and other promotions as a benefit.

For each click on an ad on your site you get 100 free ads! And for each 2 ads run on your site you will get one additional ad. You can put 3 ads on one page of your site. Upload a 468x60 banner ad to promote your site. It's easy.

If you don't have a banner we can make one for you.
No illegal products, drugs, cigarettes, or products with health claims. Place your banner ad code (you will receive after joining) on the page you are promoting which is normally the home/index page. You can then place it on other pages. Up to 3 on a page. No artificial clicking on the banner or other schemes to run extra ads other than normal site traffic permitted. You can get up to an additional 500 free ads per 1000 run beyond the normal 500. You agree that neither you or Internet Money is responsible for computer, software, natural, internet problems or business conditions and hold neither liable for any problems. Can be rejected for any reason or banned and all ads not already run will be forfeited. has final say in all disputes. Joining means you accept the terms.
Rules subject to changes.
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